photo by Steph Stevens

Shardul Chiplunkar

What I do: PhD student in computer science (PL/SE) at EPFL, Swit­zer­land. Pre­vi­ously MIT ‘22. Here’s my CV.
Contact me: [anti-spam script] (PGP), Mastodon
Academic interests: How can we get better at thinking about, explaining, and programming complex software systems? How can we make it easier to design and debug robust, efficient, extensible, and understandable software? How can we make it more intuitive for the public sphere: law and policy, autopilots and surgical robots, education and public trust? Programming languages, tools, and interfaces; human cognition, linguistics; intelligent symbolic systems, mathematical logic; etc.

Other interests: Hindustani classical music, typography, teaching, playing table tennis, science fiction, theatre, spinning fire, audio production, and reading too many webcomics and newsletters.