photo by Steph Stevens

Shardul Chiplunkar

What I do: PhD student in computer science (PL/SE) at EPFL, Swit­zer­land. Pre­vi­ously MIT ’22. Here’s my CV.
Contact me: (PGP), Mastodon
Research interests: Enriching our interfaces with programs and proofs through automatic diagramming. Diagrams are often compositional and structurally regular, just like the objects they represent, be it data structures, proof terms, algebraic objects, execution traces, or so on. Diagrams can compute and be computed with. Diagrams evolve systematically with steps of reasoning or execution. But our diagramming tools today don’t take advantage of any of this—we draw diagrams individually and ad hoc, letting go of the conceptual diagram the moment we have its concrete rendering. How might we instead specify a schema of diagrams, whose instances can be automatically created from the objects being represented? How might we treat diagrams as evolving computational objects separate from their renderings? How might we codify æsthetic preferences to make automatic diagrams also automatically pretty?

Keyword salad: Programming languages, formal methods, human-computer interaction, software engineering, diagramming, computer-aided proof, &c.

Other interests: Hindustani classical music, teaching, etymology, typography, bicycles, postal mail, theatre, audio production, and reading too many newsletters.