This website is hand-written vanilla HTML, CSS, and JS.

All body text is set in Merriweather Sans and my name on the front page is in Merriweather. Both are free, libre, open source fonts under the SIL Open Font License, designed by Eben Sorkin at Sorkin Type Foundry, based in Boston, MA, USA (talk about local!).

The domain is registered with Namecheap, and for the moment I’m also using their DNS and web hosting services, but I am looking for more libre, community-run providers. Please contact me if you have any recommendations! Previously, my website was hosted at MIT on servers managed by the student group SIPB, at Previously still, it was under MIT’s default hosting for all users at, and even before that, it was hosted on a Raspberry Pi on my desk with an uptime probably less than 1%.

On the server, the website is actually a git repository configured with the somewhat obscure option to update the currently checked-out branch (on the server) if someone (i.e. me) pushes to it. It took me forever to figure this out, but now I can use git over ssh to edit a local copy of my website, test changes, and publish with a simple git push. You can build on this simple setting to manage multiple repositories, access control, etc. with tools such as PLGRM and Gitolite.