Audio engineering and production

MIT-Wellesley Toons: “Feelin‘ Groovy (30th Reunion Edition)” (music video)
Performed remotely in Spring 2020 by current and past members of the MIT-Wellesley Toons, an a cappella group. I produced the recording; Brooke Bryant produced the video; music arranged by Kim (Knowles) Nico and Susanna Smith, 1996–97; orig. Simon & Garfunkel, 1966. Check out other videos on the Toons YouTube channel, featuring some awesome voices! (I was a Toons member from 2018 to 2020, singing tenor.)
Joonho Ko: “a year in pink” (mp3)
Written, composed, and performed by Joonho Ko. I recorded this with Joon in Fall 2019 at MIT and produced it in Dec. 2020. Also available on Joon’s soundcloud.
Impulse-Response Soundscape of MIT (pdfmaterials)
Final project for 21M.080 Introduction to Music Technology, Spring 2019. The materials are meant to be used with the electronic music software Max. Email me if you need help setting things up!
POch3lbel’s Cannon in D (For The Most Part) (mp3)

Arr. mjuvekar & shardulc (2000–), orig. Johann Pachelbel (1653–1706).

“We set out with one goal—to combine the elegance and intricacy of Baroque music with the flexibility and experimentalism afforded by modern electronic instruments. Upon much research, we found that among the vast, rich Baroque repertoire, Pachelbel’s Canon in D offered the most fertile grounds for further development, due to its recognizability, versatility, centuries of history, and solid foundations in the cello line. Drawing inspiration from classics such as Pachelbel’s Chicken and Hlavní nadraží Praha - znělka 02 (Dlouhá verze), we embarked on the bold quest of arranging this iconic piece for the humble Pocket Operator (PO-33).

The first step was to obtain the perfect audio samples: we tried a creaking door, we tried a garbage disposal, we tried a running faucet, but finally what really clicked was the sound of a groan from shardulc’s mucus-lined throat. Then we took a look or two at the score (an authentic source) and let the creative juices flow. One thing led to another, and in time, the fruit of our labor was ripe. We are proud to present a work that we believe is truly representative of today’s age. We hope you enjoy (?) it.”

MIT-Wellesley Toons: “Just the Girl” (mp3)
Performed in Spring 2019 by the MIT-Wellesley Toons, an a cappella group. Recorded in Studio L at MIT; music arr. Vera Ko, 2017; orig. The Click Five, 2005. There are also live concert recordings from Spring 2019 and Fall 2015.
Mandar Juvekar at the University of Rochester (Chopin Ballade No. 1, Mozart Sonata for Two Pianos, K. 448, Mendelssohn Piano Trio No. 1)
Performed in Fall 2020. The Mozart sonata with Daniel Carstairs, the Mendelssohn trio with XXX and YYY, as part of the University of Rochester’s chamber ensemble program. Unfortunately I could not be there in person for setting up the recording, but I had fun producing the final tracks anyway. There are also performance videos for the Ballade, Sonata, and Trio.


Fire-spinning performance (video)
Performed in Fall 2019 in the MIT Spinning Arts Club’s REX show. Music is "I Warned Myself" by Charlie Puth.
MIT-Wellesley Toons: “Honey Bunny” (video)
Performed at the Toons’ Fall 2019 concert at Wellesley College, with Vienna Thomas as the second soloist. Music arranged by me, orig. a commercial by Idea Cellular.
Raag Nand (video)
Performed in 2014 at a guru poornima event in Pune, India, while I was studying under my late guru Anand Gadgil.
MIT Life On Stage Theatre: “Arcadia”
Fall 2021 production at MIT of this Tom Stoppard classic. I played Valentine, a postdoc in mathematical biology, which is to say, I basically played myself. Review by The Tech, MIT’s student newspaper.